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Descriptive statistics
Data classificatiohn, tabulating a frequencz distribution, class intevals, frequencz representative, relative, cimmulative and relative cummulative frequencies, frequencz distributin histogram, relative hiostograms, cummulative and relative cummulative histograms, range, arithmetic mean, median, mode, quantiles, sample variance and standard deviation 

Point and interval estimators
Random sample, mulidimensional random sample, statistic, point estimator, consistent, unbiased and best-unbiased point estimators, confidence interval for the expectancy and variance of a normal random variable

Testing hypotheses
Procedure for testing statistical hypotheses, testing statistic, testing interval, null hypothesis, significance level of a test, testing hypotheses on the value of expectancy and variance of a normal random variable, testing hypotheses on the equality of expectancies and variances of two normal random variables, non-parametric hypotheses, goodness-of-fit test for normal distribution     

Contingency tables
Using contingency tables to test the dependency of random variables, two-by-two contingency tables, examples

Linear regression
Deterministic and stochastic dependence, definition of linear regression, least-square method 

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