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Number series
Definition of a series, partial sums, convergent, divergent and oscillating series, necessary condition for teh convergene of a series, geometric series, sums and differences of series, series with positive terms

Number series - advanced issues
Alternating series, Leignitz convergence test for alternating series, absolutely convergent series, relatively convergent series, rearranging the terms of a relatively convergent series, Riemann theorem 

Convergence tests
Comparison test, root test, quotient test, integral test

Function sequences and series
Definition of a function series, point-wise convergent series, unifomly convergent series, comparing poit-wise and uniform convergence, Cauchy's test of uniform convergence, unifrm convergence of continuous functions, integrating and differentiating uniformly convergent function series, uniform convergence tets by Weierstrass and Dirichlet

Power series
Definition of a power series, radius of convergence, derivative of a power series, integral of a power series, calculating Pi using Machin's identity     

Taylor series
Definition of a power series, MacLaurin series, conditions for the convergence of a formal power series, example of a non-convergent formal Taylor series, MacLaurin series of sin(x), cos(x), exp(x), ln(1+x) 


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