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Point sets and their topology
Euclidean space En, distance between points, Hölder's inequality, Minkowski's inequality, point neighbourhood, open sets, distance between sets, closed sets, border and interior of a set, finite and infinite unions and intersections of sets

Definition of an n-function, graph of an n-function, basic properties analogous to functions of one variable, composite functions

Points of condensation, definition of the limit of an n-function, basic properties of limits of n-functions, equivalent definition using sequences of points, limits of two-functions, double limit, relationship between the double limit and limit of a two-function, continuous n-functions

Partial derivatives
Definition of a partial derivative, method of calculation, Schwartz theorem, partial derivatives of composite functions

Total differential of an n-function, sufficient conditions for continuous functions, tangent plane and normal to the graph of a 2-function, total differential as a function, differentials of higher orders, using a total differential to calculate values of functions

Implicitly defined functions
Definition of an implicitly defined function, when does an equation define implicitly a function?, higher-order partial derivatives of implicitly defined functions

Local maxima/minima
Definition of a local maximum and minimum of n-functions, necessary condition for a local minimum/maximum at a point, sufficient conditions for two-functions and three-functions to have local maxima/minima

Relative maxima/minima
Constraints, definition of relative maxima/minima, another sufficient condition for teh existence of local maxima/minima, method of Lagrange multipliers, finding relative maxima/minima for two- and three-functions

Maximum and minimum values
Relationships between local maxima/minima and maximum/minimumvalues of an n-function, method of finding maximum/minimum values, examples



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